$50 and 1 Light (source)

As a freelance photographer , or any creative for that matter. There are highs and lows. There are ups and downs. Sometimes there's a budget. And sometimes there isn't. When shooting personal work, this is usually the case and happens to be the situation within which found myself recently. This can be disconcerting. And this is the stuff that no one talks about...usually. You see the polished and perfected final retouched gloss images on FB or IG or Twitter or Tumbler and think, who shot that, and how. OMG so amazing, etc. etc. Except when it isn't. So what do you do ? I found myself in such a situation recently. So with incredible or at least I think ideas just bursting to be materialized Iset out to put together a team of the usual suspect ;hair / makeup, wardrobe /styling =, location, etc. after trying desperately to pull together a team on a shoe string budget, it wasn't happening. Disappointment set in. Followed by sleepless nights, followed by self-doubt. you name it. sect situation recently And within that space you often find yourself. pushing thru. So is the case with $50 in hand I went off to the thrift store or Goodwill as we know it here in California. There are 2 that I frequent. Labrea north of Wlshire and Beverly south of Fairfax. Yes, it's exhausting and time consuming, but all depend on the attitude and the mount o time you want to spend. Dress appropriately if you want to try stuff on of course you will find yourself waiting indefinitely for the dressing rom. and if you get i you many only be able to take a few items 3 or 9, depends the mood. once you get In , inv=evtiably the floors are dirty and there is someone waiting. coffee, soda, dust balls. the smell. Wear a cat suit ! or short and t-shirt slip on sandals or boots and try on in from tof mirror. aftewall the stores are humungous with a sth ton of inventory, really 3 to 9 items ?? a joke. Bag gets heavy, digs into your shoulder. Go solo ! Wear a backpack or beer yet, a fanny pack ! Short sleeves or sleevelsss. You will overheat, especially if you are a female pushing 50. LOL. Lastly, have fun ! So this inspired me to start this series. I have no idea where it will lead, and I don't care. But I am on this journey to go once a month (whether or not I have a personal project working toward) hell, this may even become one itself. Anyway, heck out this amazing real rabbit fur shoe I recently found in this GORGEOUS color for a shoot. Guess what, I decided to keep it, I paid $3.49 for it. Really. Here are some of the images I made with it. Enjoy ! OH..the title. I initially started to all this "Thrift store finds" Like the doobie brother albums I scored of r$1.99 which was my first IG post, but I think the title $50 and 1 Light is more specific and suitable. Of course keeping in line with the shoestring budget I thought simplify by using 1 light source. I have many more, but the simplicity of it is key.