Kenny Wormald Inside Dance Cover by Cassandra Plavoukos

In August of this year I had the pleasure of photographing Kenny Wormald for the September / October cover story of Inside Dance magazine. Kenny is a dancer, choreographer, actor, and owner of Playground LA , one of Los Angeles' hottest dance studios. Please visit the...

Timothy Kim by Cassandra Plavoukos

My shoot with breakdancer, powerlifter, and sports athlete Timothy Kim

Eliot Dean Baker x Elegant Magazine by Cassandra Plavoukos

Three months ago I photographed Eliot Dean Baker, a singer-songwriter from Woodbridge, Virginia. I am happy to be able to finally share these images which were featured in Elegant Magazine Volume 59 | NO. 2 | Men | June 2019.

For more news and updates on Eliot you can follow him on


Bonebreaking In Levi's by Cassandra Plavoukos

Inspired by the most recent installment of the long-running “Live In Levi’s campaign, I decided to celebrate a different kind of dancer for a new personal project. I spent an entire Sunday afternoon in the desert with a professional dancer who specializes in bone...

Miss Val !

What a wonderful start to the new year !

I had the pleasure of photographing the the legendary UCLA Gymnastics coach, Miss Valorie Kondos Field, for the March issue of Inside Gymnastics Magazine.

Images were shot with the...

Sean and John Scott In Water

When I moved from New York City to Los Angeles 15 years ago, one of the places I frequented was the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Having spent 16 years in the “concrete jungle,” I welcomed a space where pedestrians ruled the road. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean didn’t hurt either. If I am to be honest, however, it was the spectrum of street performers that kept me coming back weekend after weekend. This is where I...

Sofia Wylie by Cassandra Plavoukos

When The Jitterbugs, found out that I was going to be photographing Sofia Wylie for the April / May cover story of Inside Dance Magazine, they flipped, especially my daughter.

Wylie plays Buffy Driscoll on...

Syncopated Ladies by Cassandra Plavoukos

I've had your postcard on my desk waiting for a project. I might finally have one."

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being on set with viral tap sensations, Syncopated Ladies , to capture behind the scenes imagery of their latest video release, Like A Boy , for the February issue of...

Balance by Cassandra Plavoukos

I had the honor of being a featured photographer in Dance Lifestyle magazine's Fall 2017 issue !

The cast of Bring It On Worldwide #Cheersmack by Cassandra Plavoukos

I had the pleasure of photographing the lead actors of Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, for the August 2017 issue of Inside Cheerleading.

The shoot was held at...

Val Chmerkovskiy by Cassandra Plavoukos

I had the pleasure of photographing dancer and choreographer, Val Chmerkovskiy at Millineum Dance Complex in North Hollywood for the May 2017 Cover of Inside Dance Magazine.

You may know Val from...

Theon by Cassandra Plavoukos

On Saturday, April 29th, APA Los Angeles presented its Sixth Annual Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition. The opening reception was held at Santa Monica Art Studios. On view for one night only, after the exhibition, the images will rotate through some of the most...

Tracy Anderson by Cassandra Plavoukos

2016 ended on a high note wth fitness and wellness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson for photographed for the January 2017 cover of Inside Dance Magazine !

I was familiar with Tracy from her work with clients such as...

Balance by Cassandra Plavoukos

I am pleased to announce that for the second time, I have images that have been selected by the Jury for an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards !

The first image, Balance, was selected in two categories, the Advertising: Self-Promotion Category as well as the People: Other Category. This image was also selected for...

Debbie Allen by Cassandra Plavoukos

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. Debbie Allen at her home for Inside Dance Magazine. Ms. Allen has been an icon in my family for years. Of course there was Fame- Who doesn't remember her character Lydia Grant's classic line- “You...

Areana Lopez by Cassandra Plavoukos

The first thing I noticed about Areana Lopez, was her gorgeous smile.

Areana, who goes by Ari, started dancing when she was 2 years old, and is a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Mini Team that is featured in Season 6 of...

Balance by Cassandra Plavoukos

This past Saturday APA Los Angeles presented its Fifth Annual Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition- an official MOPLA exhibition.

Photographers showing the personal side of their...

Fit and Fashionable For Spring  by Cassandra Plavoukos

Recent fashion editorial for the Spring 2016 issue of West Hollywood Magazine, shot at Burn 60 Studios and various other locations in West Hollywood.

Stylists Art Hunter and Brandon Nicholas. Makeup by Garret Gervais for...

Gretchen by Cassandra Plavoukos

One of the most rewarding experiences about being a photographer is that you get to work with some pretty talented people. Sometimes those collaborations result in your work being exhibited.

The below image was shot at the new Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective in downtown Los Angeles. It was a collaboration with costume designer Heather Lerma of...

Kim Gingras by Cassandra Plavoukos

This past Saturday the Santa Monica College Photography Department presented its Fifth Semi-Annual Alumni Show at Santa Monica College. The exhibition showcased the work of former Santa Monica College students, myself included. Below are the two images on...

Matthew Krumpe by Cassandra Plavoukos

How long have you been a dancer ?

I have been a dancer my whole life but I started going technique classes in high school so about 10 years now .

What made you start ?

I grew up being dragged to my older sisters dance competitions. I have always been a doer not as much of an observer so I always wanted to join in not just watch. I was denied this chance when I was younger. I was an athlete and an actor but then a friend...

Michail Sykianakis by Cassandra Plavoukos

I had the pleasure of photographing Greek women's wear designer, Michail Sykianakis, in his West Hollywood studio for the March / April 2015 issue of West Hollywood Magazine. Upon meeting Michail, he immediately wanted to know how much Greek I spoke. Sadly, I informed him that I spoke...

Taylor James by Cassandra Plavoukos

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a dance cover story for the Winter 2014 issue of West Hollywood Magazine. Photographed using the Leica S and 35mm and 70mm CS lenses, the shoot...

The Rife Twins by Cassandra Plavoukos

Meet Rachel and Rebekah Rife !

I had the pleasure of photographing these two lovely ladies back in September. I was really moved by their calm energy, how in sync they were with one another, and those gorgeous eyes !

How long have you been synchronized swimmers? We have been...

Back To School With The Jitterbugs 2014 by Cassandra Plavoukos

Continuing on a tradition started last year, we decided to do another Back To School Shoot. This year the Jitterbugs (plus Cousin Dougie who relocated to Los Angeles this summer) entered Kindergarten, 3rd, and 7th grade respectively. The initial inspiration for this shoot was to play upon their individual school personas ("too school for school", the "teacher's pet", and the "class clown"). I had scouted the grounds of a gymnasium for the...

Dani by Cassandra Plavoukos

Meet Dani. Narcissist. Musician. Tatoo Artist.

How long have you been tattooing ?

I have been tattooing professionally for 5 years- however, I started off as a body piercer, so I suppose I’ve been in the body modification industry for about 7 years total now. I still do both, and love both.

What made you start ?

There was nothing else that I could do as a job that would’ve made me want to wake up and go to work in the...


I was pleased to be one of this year's 100 selected artists for APA Los Angeles' 2014 Off The Clock Curated Exhibition, curated by Britt Salvesen from...

March March 2014 FMS Photo A Day Recap by Cassandra Plavoukos

Motivation is the driving force behind effort and accomplishment. Yet, even the most motivated of us can feel unmotivated at times. I am no exception. The past several months have been difficult to say the least. Major surgery followed by a personal loss left me challenged in ways I had never been challenged before. Here are some ways I stay motivated even in the toughest of times.

1. Make a plan. Write it down. Seems...

Tricking by Cassandra Plavoukos

The below series of images featuring Jordan Cann of The Movement Talent Agency "tricking" was recently awarded Bronze in the...


As I reflect on the previous year, I am reminded of this quote by Bruce Lee, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” Seems simple enough.

What were the year’s highs and lows ? What were the successes and failures ? What worked ? What didn’t ? And how can I learn from it ?

I chose to share the below collage not only because I feel the images represent some of my more successful images...


Yes. I know. Another "top ten" list, but this one’s not about me or my work. It’s about something far more important. It is a list of charities and organizations that you can contribute to to help those in need. This is by no means a random list. Nor is it meant to be conclusive. Certainly there are a plethora of great and worthy charitable organizations out there. This particular list happens to reflect those that I support and have been...

Gymnast Lee Squire by Cassandra Plavoukos

1. The best Mother on the planet, hands down.

2. A beautiful family and supportive husband

3. A sound mind, body, and spirit

4. A place to call home

5. Freedom

6. Opportunity

7. Life lessons

8. The kindness of strangers and the generosity of friends



This image of Vinicios "Vinny" Silva of ANP Stunt Association (which I previously blogged about on Monday, September 16th) was recently awarded Second Place in The 2013 National APA Awards Action category. How cool is that ?!?!?! I'm very honored and very proud.

Here is the nifty banner that I now get to display on my site ! You can view all of the...

B-Boy Bebo  by Cassandra Plavoukos

With almost 20k Twitter followers and 20k Facebook followers respectively, it’s easy to see why so many people are crazy about Jean Carlos Lloret, better known as B-Boy Bebo. From his infectious smile and magnetic personality to...

White Swan by Cassandra Plavoukos

These two images featuring the lovely Genevieve, a technically trained dancer with experience in ballet, jazz, modern, pop, Bollywood, belly-dance, samba, and Tahitian, reveal telling details about me and my style of photography.

I like contrast (dark vs. light; hard vs. soft; clean vs. edgy).

I like simplicity.

I like shadows.


Vinicios Silva by Cassandra Plavoukos

During a recent shoot with Vinicios "Vinny" Silva of ANP Stunt Association, I was reminded of a quote by Bruce Lee: "There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. A man must constantly exceed his level. If you're not better than you were the day before, then what are you doing—what's the point?"

Practitioners of...

Back To School With The Jitterbugs 2013 by Cassandra Plavoukos

It's back to school time ! New clothes, new books, new teachers, new friends, and (my favorite part) new knowledge! But what back to school celebration is complete without pictures ? So the Jitterbugs (my 4 and 7 year old), daddy and I packed up the car this past weekend and headed out to Stevenson Ranch for a fun back to school inspired shoot. We brought along plenty of snacks, a few of our favorite books, a positive attitude, and a playful...

Master Davis Chong by Cassandra Plavoukos

My love of martial arts began in early childhood. I have very fond memories of curling up on the couch with my family and indulging in Bruce Lee marathons. My sister, nephew, and I would spend hours practicing all the moves (and tearing up the house !) and even had Bruce Lee trading cards. As a child the fascination was more about the action, showmanship, and butt-kicking abilities. Being able to fight like that was akin to having super...


While a photography student at Santa Monica College, I had the privilege of hearing photographer Matthew Jordan Smith speak about three ways to enhance your life :

1. The people we meet

2. The places we go



In honor of what would have been Herb Ritts’ 61st birthday, I present six of his images that rank amongst my all time favorites. They not only represent what I love most about his work, his celebration of the human body as strong, sensuous, and beautiful, but they also highlight the hallmarks of his work: simple backgrounds, clean lines, strong forms, and graphic simplicity. I love the...

July 2013 Promo card

I write this post with butterflies in my stomach...for two reasons. One, this is my first official blog post. Two, this promo card marks the start of my first official marketing campaign- a two-tiered campaign that was sent out to approximately 1,400 creatives ! Needless to say, I am very excited and nervous at the same time. As for the image itself, it was taken a few weeks ago and features the lovely star athlete and dancer,...