Happy Birthday Herb Ritts !

In honor of what would have been Herb Ritts’ 61st birthday, I present six of his images that rank amongst my all time favorites. They not only represent what I love most about his work, his celebration of the human body as strong, sensuous, and beautiful, but they also highlight the hallmarks of his work: simple backgrounds, clean lines, strong forms, and graphic simplicity. I love the emphasis on the shapes of limbs and muscles, playful use of props, and the abstract and expressive poses. All of these aspects have played a role in shaping my aesthetic and form the basis for my work with athletes and dancers- to create images of iconic moments that are suspended in space and time.

Whether producing portraits, music videos, commercials, iconic album covers, fashion editorials, or successful advertising campaigns, Herb Ritts’ work and career represent the broad possibilities of artistic activity and cement his place in my book of inspiration.

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