In The Spotlight: Matthew Krumpe

How long have you been a dancer ?

I have been a dancer my whole life but I started going technique classes in high school so about 10 years now .

What made you start ?

I grew up being dragged to my older sisters dance competitions. I have always been a doer not as much of an observer so I always wanted to join in not just watch. I was denied this chance when I was younger. I was an athlete and an actor but then a friend needed a male for a dance piece in high school and I jumped at the opportunity. It was like I was fulfilling this childhood desire I had always had .

If you had not become a dancer what might you be doing ?

If I had not become a dancer I would probably be a doctor. I always wanted to be a pediatrician, probably because I would watch ER saturday mornings rather than cartoons. I minored in kineisiology in college but never followed through with premed.

Art would be a part of my life though as it is an equal part of me .

What’s the most difficult part of being a dancer ?

I think the most difficult part of being a dancer is the constant need to be better and the inner self doubt that we all go through. While it drives us to be better it really does take a toll overtime on the psyche. Am I good enough? Can I stretch my leg higher? Can I have more control? This desire to constantly perfect creates an unattainable level of difficulty. I think this has a lot to do with how dance is becoming harder and harder as the years go on.

What do you do for fun ? When you’re not dancing / performing ?

Fashion is a huge part of my life. I work in fashion and do styling. I also love to be outdoors. Hike, go to the beach, work out. Being active is a huge part of me. (side note: I feel like I am filling out a questionnaire for, hope people want to date me ;) ).

My favorite thing to do is go out alone and meet new people. Interaction is my favorite pastime.

What type of music do you listen to ?

I've always said I am a fan of guys with guitars and girls with pianos (i.e. John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Fiona Apple)

I have a huge difference between what I listen to when I am choreographing and what I listen to when I am just enjoying music.

I love Bjork, Florence, Lana del Rey, James Blake, Haim, Fever Ray, Feist, London Grammar,Sia, Kimbra.

When I am dancing at a club or just driving I love deep house and electronic music (Gorgon City, Disclosure, Odessa etc)

What are some of your biggest accomplishments ?

Winning the Excellence in Choreography scholarship from Glorya Kaufman at UCLA.

Being nominated for three LA Ovation Awards for Choreography by the time I was 23.

and currently becoming a buyer for the ALDO group a position usually held by people a bit older.

What motivates you ?

I have always had a really innate sense of motivation. I dont know where it comes from but I am driven to be great at what I do. I think I motivate myself, but if I really look deeper I am motivated by helping others. I love when a person truly receives my help and benefits. Me becoming greater at my craft allows me to teach my students better and that is what motivates me the most.

Who are your idols ?

Dance - Pina Bausch, Ohad Nahirim, Hofesh Shecter, Sonya Tayeh, Sabrina Phillip, Wade Robson, Mia Michaels, Martha Graham, Maria Gillespie

Fashion - Alexander Mcqueen, Vivienne Westwood, Diane Von Furstenburg, Tim Gunn

Who or what inspires you ?

I am inspired by art, by music, and also by stillness. I love watching large groups of people and populated areas and seeing different personalites, races, diversity. The vast culture that I am exposed to makes me think about many different sources and this eclectic mix inspires me in all aspects of my life. Organization and standards inspire me , but I am also inspired by rebellion. Opposition and Resolve.

In school I was…

The kid everyone knew. Totally overworked. President of every club/ captain of varsity cross country and track. A leader and a hard worker.

I’m told I look like…

Zachary Quinto. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I’m really bad at…

Keeping a boyfriend, and rollerblading/ice skating.

I’m really good at…

Memorization of random unnecessary facts and socializing

I’d love to be able to…

Travel all over the world and take dance classes/teach in every country/ do site specific work all over the planet. Spread the gift.

One thing people would be surprised to know about me...

That I have four herniated discs in my lower spine that actually prevents me from a lot of movement ;)

I would LOVE to perform for / or dance with…

BATSHEVA! Janet Jackson! Cedar Lake Dance Company.

Best advice I ever received…

Passion is PASSing the I On. You must give yourself to others and spread the gift to truly feel and understand passion. - Liz Imperio

Matthew Krumpe by Cassandra Plavoukos
Matthew Krumpe by Cassandra Plavoukos
Matthew Krumpe by Cassandra Plavoukos
Matthew Krumpe by Cassandra Plavoukos