Off The Clock, 2016 APA LA Curated Personal Photography Exhibition- An Official MOPLA Exhibition

This past Saturday APA Los Angeles presented its Fifth Annual Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition- an official MOPLA exhibition.

Photographers showing the personal side of their artistry submitted nearly 1,000 images. This year's curator, Julie Grahame of selected one hundred images for the exhibition.

I was honored to have one image and 2 diptychs selected for the exhibition.

The opening reception was held at Santa Monica Art Studios.

On view for one night only, after the exhibition, the images will rotate through some of the most creative advertising agencies in Los Angeles, including Saatchi LA, and Ignited.

In the first image, entitled Balance, dancer and gymnast Jeremiah Buren of Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited Agency balances on his elbow. This image was shot at Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective in downtown Los Angeles. You can see it on the website here.

In the second image, actor and martial artist Raihan Bacqui. is performing a kip-up. (He is wearing The Roadie skinny men's jeans from the Adam Levine Collection). This image was shot outside on a rooftop in West Hollywood, Californa as part of a new series I started last summer entitled In Water. You can see this image and other images from the series here.

I can't wait until the weather gets warmer here so that I can continue this series !!!

The last image, entitled Theon's Delts And Traps, is fitness model Theon Zerrudo. of NTA Model and Talent Agency. You can see these 2 images and more from the series here.

I just love the way the light "gets into his skin," highlights it's texture and accentuates the sculptural elements of his muscles.

Here are some other images from the night...

Thank you to selected artist Brandy Trigueros for taking this photo !

Of course my Jitterbugs were there :-) and were even lucky enough to get a picture with Julie Grahame herself. They were very interested in how and why she chose the images that she did for the show, and had some pretty strong opinions about some of the work. She took the time to chat with them about some of the work and about the curation process and they loved it.

She even made JB #1 aCurator for the night !

**All above images in this blog post were shot with Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can view the entire exhibition and check out the work of other selected artists by visiting: Off The Clock Exhibition Gallery.

Balance by Cassandra Plavoukos
In Water by Cassandra Plavoukos
Theon's Delts and Traps
Fifth Annual Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition
Julie Grahame