On Saturday, April 29th, APA Los Angeles presented its Sixth Annual Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition. The opening reception was held at Santa Monica Art Studios. On view for one night only, after the exhibition, the images will rotate through some of the most creative advertising agencies in Los Angeles, including Saatchi LA, and Ignited.

Nearly 1,000 images were submitted by photographers showing the personal side of their artistry. Only one hundred images were selected for the exhibition. This year's curator was Elizabeth Avedon. You can read her Curator Statement and find out more about her process for selecting the images on her blog.

This year, I was honored to have 3 images selected for the exhibition...

The first image features fitness model Theon Zerrudo. You can see the image on the website here.

In the second image, Team USA Track and Field member Lekeisha Lawson shows off her physique. You can view the image on the website here. Both images were shot as part of an ongoing series that showcases the beauty and artistry of the human body.

The third image, from the series Music + Dance = Love, holds a special place in my heart. In this image Claythan Conerly is holding an original Music Man alto saxophone which I inherited when my father passed away over 40 years ago. I believe he acquired it sometime in 1961, which was when the model was first produced.

This image was used by APA Los Angeles to promote the exhibition via e-blasts and online social media platforms which was a huge surprise. Yet, an even bigger surprise awaited me when I arrived at the opening reception only to discover that this image had been used as the cover for the book which was created for the event ! Super cool.

You can view the entire exhibition and check out the work of other selected artists by visiting Off The Clock Exhibition Gallery.

Theon by Cassandra Plavoukos
Lekeisha Lawson by Cassandra Plavoukos
Music+Dance=Love I by Cassandra Plavoukos
Off The Clock 2017 Opening Reception
Off The Clock 2017 Opening Reception
Off The Clock 2017 opening reception