Timothy Kim by Cassandra Plavoukos

The Korean Zealot

My shoot with breakdancer, powerlifter, and sports athlete Timothy Kim

Bruce Lee was his first role model. I did not learn this until after our shoot had wrapped. I loved Bruce Lee. My Mother loved Bruce Lee, and Westerns. She turned me onto action early on. We watched countless Westerns and countless kung fu and karate movies together. I would watch her watching them and crack up when she yelled excitedly at the television for the protagonist to "watch out!" or the antagonist to "take that!" while attempting to mimic their every move. I became addicted to the action from an early age. As I grew older, I grew to love all martial arts and fitness in general. As a photographer, it is the "art" of movement that I am now obsessed with capturing, whether it’s martial arts, dance, fitness, athletic, or something more subtle. I remain in awe of and inspired by the discipline and focus that is required to achieve such feats. Here is Timothy, a.k.a.”the Korean zealot” performing one of my favorite feats from our shoot, levers. You can see a behind the scenes video of Timothy performing the feat here, and more images from the shoot on my website and Instagram page respectively. You can also check out Timothy’s Instagram page here.