Tracy Anderson, Anderson Method Multiplied

2016 ended on a high note wth fitness and wellness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson for photographed for the January 2017 cover of Inside Dance Magazine !

I was familiar with Tracy from her work with clients such as Madonna, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few, (I mean who hasn't obsessed over Madonna's arms, Shakira's torso, and J'Los backside ? Come on, be honest). I also knew that she had trained in dance from an early age and had initially hoped to become a professional dancer. I was super excited to meet her.

When she arrived at Millennium Dance Complex, our location for the day, I was immediately impressed with her strong facial features, gorgeous smile, and of course, her physique. We introduced ourselves, went over our plan for the day, and what to except during the shoot.

Once finished with hair, makeup and wardrobe, she returned to set. Then the music started. She stared moving. I was enthralled. I was transported. This woman was "fire" !

It was easy to see why so many celebrities love her and why so many swear by her method. Every movement was strong, poised and purposeful. Every movement was perfection.

Tracy Anderson is great at what she does. She knows how the body works. She knows how it moves. She knows how to get results. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet and work with her. It was the perfect marriage of two things that I am extremely passionate about- dance and fitness.

Visit the website to see the entire spread. You can view a behind the scenes video from the shoot here.

  • Tracy Anderson by Cassandra Plavoukos