White Swan Loses Her Feathers

These two images featuring the lovely Genevieve, a technically trained dancer with experience in ballet, jazz, modern, pop, Bollywood, belly-dance, samba, and Tahitian, reveal telling details about me and my style of photography.

I like contrast (dark vs. light; hard vs. soft; clean vs. edgy).

I like simplicity.

I like shadows.

I like texture.

I like backs.

Yes, in case you haven't figured it out already, I'm obsessed with the human body, or more specifically to borrow from my elevator speech, with “the beauty, passion and overall essence of the human creative impulse” which is why I primarily photograph dancers and athletes. Though I am drawn to the formal, athletic, and whimsical nature of movement (there's that elevator speech again), every now and then it's fun to slow down and focus on the details often captured in the moments in between: the lines, bone structure, hand gestures, subtle tilt of the head, and the slight imperfections that reveal how human we really are...

Have a wonderful rest of the week !

White Swan by Cassandra Plavoukos
White Swan by Cassandra Plavoukos